Ask me about SWIM?

SWIM is based on 4 pillars: Spirituality, Academics, Experiential, Enrichment


Prayer: Engaging and encouraging students to have a connection with God through prayer.

WORSHIP: Worshiping God through music, and dance as an expression of our love, adoration, and appreciation for Him.

WORD: Providing a Biblical Worldview so students can view the world through a Biblical lens so we may affirm our faith as it shapes our character.


Providing students with an individualized educational experience that allows our teachers to teach based on the different learning styles such as: visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learner.

Curriculum we use: Abeka, BJU Press, Paces (for inclusive classroom), and McGraw Hill.

We offer online AP course, and on campus Honor course.

We offer dual-enrollment with Valencia College, Seminole State College, Florida State University, Southeastern University, and University of Central Florida.


EL is based on four elements: Hands-on Experience, Creative Thinking, Performance, and Interaction

EL is the process of learning by doing.

On campus learning experiences: Culinary, Early Childcare, Teacher Assistant, Front Desk Support, and Mechanics (once a month)

We offer our secondary students online courses in: Java Script, Coding, Electronics, Medical Terminology, Accounting, Business Management, Robotics Dance Programming, and many more.


Enrichment classes stimulates the brain development and encourages students to explore their their God-given talents. Enrichment classes helps increase self-confidence and socialization.

All school-age students will have one full enrichment day so they can explore all electives: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Film, Computer Design, Band, Chorus, Journalism, Human Video, Dance, and more!

SWIM Schedule

Monday-Lower Elementary (K5-2nd) Chapel, and Enrichment Day (No Academics)

Tuesday-M/S & H/S (6th-12th) Chapel, Enrichment Day, Experiential Day, and One-on-One Tutoring

Thursday-M/S & H/S (6th-12th) Chapel, Enrichment Day, Experiential Day, and One-on-One Tutoring

Friday-Upper Elementary (3rd-5th) Chapel, and Enrichment Day (No Academics)