Middle School

“We love PCCA because our daughter receives academic instruction tailored to her needs and spiritual enrichment to bring her closer to Christ in a loving environment that celebrates and respects who she is and who she will become.” PCCA parent

PCCA’s Middle School is the place to be! The middle school creates a wonderful learning environment for our students. We are committed to knowing, respecting and building our students during this crucial time of growth and changes. As middle schoolers are capable of making life-altering choices, our greatest success is seeing students adapt a Christian world view based on their having a personal relationship with Christ.  This will carry them through the timultuous teen years.

The academics are challenging, yet in keeping with the developmental level of the middle school student, we recognize the potential in each student. We develop relationships based on respectful and responsible behavior working together as members of a team. Our goal is building the future leaders and citizens of tomorrow who will be academically prepared, spiritually strong and well-rounded in life.