Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Famous stories and fairy tales This program will focus on stories that the students already know or are somewhat familiar with. They will learn to understand sets, costumes, characters and plots through games, crafts and songs. We will also choose a moral value with each fairy tale that will allow the students to explore a Christian worldview. This is a year-long course that will end in a small show that the students will star in. They will also design and build their own sets, props and costumes.

3rd– 5th Grade

Famous stories and script introduction – This class will build on the K-2nd class. We will be working with actual scripts, learning to memorize lines and understand blocking more fully. These scripts will focus on fractured fairy tales and stories from different views. We will begin to talk about script writing, directing and stage management.

6th- 8th Grade

Plays based on literature and introduction to improv – This class will tie into the students’ English classes. We will work on acting out the books they have been reading in class. We will also start learning the basics of improv. This class will end in performance for friends and family.

9th-12th Grade

Drama I is a brief overview of theatre. This class will allow students to be exposed to all aspects of theatre without going too in-depth in any subject area. Some major areas this class will cover are as follows.

  • Acting and characterization
  • Technical theatre
  • Improv
  • Theatre history
  • Jobs in theatre

Drama I Book – Introduction to Theatre Arts by Suzi Zimmerman

Drama II will be a more in-depth study of theatre based on the knowledge obtained in Drama I. In this course the student will get a better idea of what theatre is and what area of theatre they may be interested in pursuing if any. This class will include, but is not limited to, the following subject areas.

  • Movement
  • Voice
  • Understanding and writing scripts
  • Technical theatre and production
  • Introduction to scene study

Drama II – Book- Introduction to Theatre Arts 2 by Suzi Zimmerman

Intro to Film and Entertainment

In this class students well learn the fundamentals of a good story line with the help of movie analysis and storyboarding. The student will end the class with a movie making project that includes putting a portion of their movie on film and they will present it to the class. This class will include the following:

  • Script writing
  • Creative thinking
  • Team building
  • Movie making
  • Design


This class is for the student that loves theatre but has no interest in being onstage. This course will allow the student to develop creative thinking and communication skills. This class will include:

  • Design concepts and execution
  • Stage management
  • Lighting fundamentals
  • Introduction to sound
  • Jobs in the field

Stagecraft Book- Stagecraft Fundamentals by Rita Kogler Carver

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