Elementary School

“My kids’ experience from their first moments as they walk into PCCA is something joyful.  Each one of them feels important and welcomed in this remarkable space created for their education. Here at PCCA the teachers and staff are family and look out for each other which is why I love PCCA.”  PCCA parent

At PCCA, we believe in developing critical thinkers through creative and exciting learning experiences. We have a loving, Christian environment of high expectations for all students. Life-long success requires a solid foundation academically, socially and spiritually. Our faith-based curriculum challenges our young eagles to be leaders who can think creatively through problem solving while they learn how to impact the world for Christ.  Art, music, PE, STEAM, library and chapel are some of the enrichment activities our elementary students enjoy.

Weekly library classes help students to develop a love for reading where they engage in read-aloud, book talks and research on current global topics. In the Fall, students look forward to our Scholastic book fair; enjoying each year’s theme, reading incentives and an annual visit from Clifford! STEAM focuses on collaborative project-based, hands-on learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Art and Mathematics. From designing sea-worthy vessels from tinfoil after studying the Titanic, to using markers, coffee filters and water to recreating camouflage or using electric toothbrush parts to create working bristle bots, students come in each week eagerly asking, “What are we going to learn about today?”