All of our programs build a strong foundation spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally and socially. PCCA is committed to academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment. Starting in preschool through to high school graduation, we work towards developing the gifts and talents our students possess. Leadership is an important character quality that begins within the classroom and carries into campus life through such activities as class retreats, field trips, fine arts productions, community service venues and on the sports field.

Our high school curriculum offers college prep, honors, and dual enrollment classes. We have three diploma tracks of standard, honors and high honors. Biblical integration is incorporated into each subject taught no matter which grade or age level. For the last two years, PCCA has scored 26% higher than the average in the state of Florida on SAT and ACT testing.

Our greatest treasure is our school community. We are always looking for valuable members to expand our team. One step onto our campus will solidify your desire to join our family.

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