Piano I

This class is designed for students who have never played piano before. They will learn basic music reading skills and rhythm counting. In addition to learning the different parts of the piano, students also learn proper playing techniques as well as basic ear training skills. This class is offered for any students in high school

Books used: Practice of Harmony by Peter Spencer; Piano for the Developing Musician by Martha Hilley and Lynn Freeman Olson

Instrumental Techniques

This class gives high school students the opportunity to learn about and play different instruments of the percussion section. It also teaches fundamental rhythms and counting as well as basic notation. The students will have the opportunity to play in an ensemble. It is recommended that students in this class have some musical experience.

Books used: Practice of Harmony by Peter Spencer

6th grade Beginning Band

In this class, students choose from the woodwind, brass or percussion family of instruments. This is the first year that the students are able to play as an ensemble and perform music literature and compositions. This class builds upon the individual skills that are learned in elementary band but previous music experience is not required for this class.

Books used: Standard of Excellence Book 1 by Bruce Pearson

7th/8th grade Band

This class is designed to further the skills of developing musicians. All students who participate in this ensemble must have been playing their instrument for at least one year. This class gives students the opportunity to perform solos, duets and chamber music. Emphasis is placed on tone quality, rhythm and musicality.

Books used: Standard of Excellence Book 2 by Bruce Pearson; Standard of Excellence Book 3 by Bruce Pearson

Symphonic Wind Ensemble

This is the premier performing ensemble at PCA. Students that have been accepted into this class are exceptional musicians who have been playing their instruments for several years. This group performs at graduation, National Day of Prayer, pep rallies and other school functions. This class moves at an honors pace and students must be invited to join.

Books used: Foundations for Superior Performance by Richard Williams and Jeff King

Chad Roquel, Middle and High School Music / Elementary, Middle and High School Band