Elementary Artistic Explorations

Elementary Music Grades PreK-5th

In the elementary grades, music is an important enrichment component included as a weekly class.  Each grade level will take part in a performance production as part of their music experience, either at Christmas or Springtime.


This year the Elementary music department will be taking more of a music appreciation approach to music. We will be taking an introductory look at musical theory. This will consist of understanding the notes on a staff, different rhythm notes, and different note values. The understanding of such things is critical to the introduction of music reading.

The Creator of All

We will begin the class by teaching the students the spiritual aspects of music. At Pine Castle Christian Academy we believe that the beginning of great wisdom comes by fearing the Lord and having great respect for His creations. With that knowledge in mind it is understood that music should be used to glorify Him and Him alone.


We will also be taking a look at different composers of the last century, understanding who they were and how their music affected the music of today. We will also be taking a close look at their various styles.

Playing Instruments

The students will be learning how to play the guitar/Ukulele as well as the recorder. These are great starter instruments for young musicians that are learning how to read and navigate through music.

We will be conducting a study on various instruments, Instrument families as well as instruments that are used throughout different cultures. We also will be learning how to play a few of these instruments.