Music Exploration

The Creator of All

We will begin the class by teaching the students the spiritual aspects of music. At Pine Castle Christian Academy we believe that the beginning of great wisdom comes by fearing the Lord and having great respect for His creations. With that knowledge in mind it is understood that music should be used to glorify Him and Him alone.

Elementary Music Grades PreK-5th

Objective – By combining music appreciation with aspects of performance, students will gain basic musical knowledge that will prepare them for future music courses.

  • Basic rhythms and note reading
  • Music history and major composers
  • Music terminology and theory concepts
  • Opportunity to play multiple instruments

Middle & High School (6th-12th)

Middle School Music

Objective – Using basic music terminology and theory, students will gain an understanding of the building blocks of music and song.

  • Learn basic music terminology and theory concepts
  • Understand song and compositional forms
  • Have a basic knowledge of common chord progressions
  • Be able to discuss music in a professional manner

High School Music

Objective – Students will work with industry standard equipment and programs to create their own music. Students will also learn about music trends and styles from throughout the world.

Understand basic music theory concepts, including basic keyboard, and song forms

  • The ability to clearly present and defend their musical choices and ideas
  • Hands on experience with industry standard equipment and programs
  • Performing and recording their own music

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