Spiritual Development

BIBLICAL INTEGRATION: All subjects from math to history and science are taught from a biblical worldview.  Teachers use God’s Word as a resource to validate the topics and content in each of their specialties

CHAPEL: Guest speakers, praise and worship and Bible teaching are just a few of the things that students experience each week in chapels at each grade level.

STUDENT AMBASSADORS: Our campus Pastor Pacheco together with Mr. King lead a group of high school students that are called to lead and to serve. Our ambassador’s program is our student leadership program that challenges students to become servants and grow in the purpose of enriching God’s Kingdom. The Ambassadors oversee the chapel services, they mentor other students and lead by being an example.  

FUTURE LEADERS IN PROGRESS (FLIP): The FLIP program led by Mr. Jose and Mrs. MJ prepares our middle school students to become future high school ambassadors. The FLIP program also prepares the minds and hearts of young pre-teens and teens to take on the role and responsibility of practical and spiritual leadership.

 COMMUNITY SERVICE: Several times each year, students can participate in community outreach projects like visiting area nursing homes or helping at shelters and food kitchens.

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