Welcome to Pinecastle Christian Academy Vocal Department.

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Elementary Choir

Students in grades 3-5 have choir as one of their fine arts options.  This class will be a fun but informative class that will teach vocal methods, performance etiquette, breathing techniques and much more.  It is our goal for the students to enjoy learning the capabilities of their voice as they sing songs that glorify God.  There will be performances through-out the year as well as the important role of leading praise and worship weekly during elementary chapel.

Upper Level Choir Grades 6-12

Class Introduction

Middle school and high school choir learn many vocal techniques that enhance the voice in an effort to achieve the greatest potential from each student. We also learn many other aspects of choir that will help the choir as a whole.

Choir Moral

One of the most underrated aspects of choir is its ability to function as one. Many times groups are put together with great individual talent but lack the chemistry that is needed to really achieve great things. We will be doing great team building projects and studies so that the choir “team” can understand just how important this really is.

Vocal Technique

We are going to be doing a great deal of vocal exercises and vocal training to ensure each student leaves this course with a thorough knowledge of what it takes to be a successful vocalist.

Reading and Writing

Students will be encouraged in learning the basics for sight reading and also encouraged to write out some vocal arrangements that we can try out in class.


Students will learn various words commonly used in a choral setting. These words we will study and discuss throughout the course.