Help Ensure Pine Castle’s Impact in Urban Orlando Continues

Below you will find a way to be more involved in what is happening at Pine Castle Christian Academy. We would love to have you be a part of what God is doing. Please read the letter below and pray about how you might be involved and how you can share it with others who might want to be involved.

“Greater things are still to come, and greater things are yet to be done in this city…” (from the song “God of This City” written by Bluetree sung by Chris Tomlin)

In the words of an accreditation team member who recently visited Pine Castle for three days of intense evaluation, “We’ve never seen ANYthing like this before! We go back to the hotel in the evenings and weep as we reflect on the amazing work God is doing in this extraordinary urban school.” There IS hope for our cities!

Frederick Douglass, the great former slave turned statesman, said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” While frightening, heartbreaking, and seemingly hopeless headlines pour out of our cities, hope is blazing brightly in an Orlando school that is working with economically disenfranchised students in an urban setting. With perhaps the most diverse student body that could be found, Pine Castle Christian Academy is thriving and living as a family community. One student recently said, “We have many different races, but we still come together and live as one big family!”

Their mission is Preparing the next generation, one student at a time, to impact the world for Christ. And they’re doing it successfully! Pine Castle Christian Academy is reaching the next generation, and they’re doing it in the heart of inner-city Orlando. The school family is welcoming and reaching immigrants and students from every race and socioeconomic background. Pine Castle students are experiencing great academic success, are scoring higher than their peer group on standardized testing, and are being actively recruited by our military with the hope of receiving a college education as well. They are thriving in ways that are nearly miraculous in our country’s current urban culture.

Thanks to Florida’s Step Up For Students program, qualifying, low-income students may receiveup to $5,886 per year toward private school tuition. Fifty-seven percent of the students enrolled at Pine Castle qualify for the funding and take advantage of the Step Up scholarship, which offers them a chance to beat the odds in inner-city Orlando. Pine Castle, in turn, asks families to pay a very small, but affordable, portion of their students’ tuition. The gap between the money each family receives from the Step Up program and what they are able to contribute falls $3,000 short of Pine Castle’s tuition rate. These families are offered a “gap scholarship,” enabling them to take advantage of Pine Castle’s offer of a better chance to urban students. Currently, 103 students in 67 families are receiving scholarships. These students and families are being reached and changed for Christ!

It’s important for you to know that the administration and staff at the school are continuing to sacrifice their time, professional skills, pay, and energy in and out of school to make sure that the work God has begun at Pine Castle will continue. They are mowing the soccer field, volunteering to coach, and spending informal time discipling and mentoring the students to whom they are so deeply committed. As more gap scholarships are offered to provide opportunity, the school is falling short of its budgetary needs. The school is in need of businesses, men, women, and families to financially back the scholarships that have been and will continue to be given. The shortfall resulting from “scholarships” given to students annually is $201,000.

There are three ways you can respond and help ensure that Pine Castle’s impact in urban Orlando continues.

Send a tax-deductible donation to Pine Castle Christian Academy Scholarship Fund, 7101 Lake Ellenor Dr., Orlando, FL, 32809. Make all checks payable to Pine Castle Christian Academy.

Click on the following GoFundMe link and donate directly to PCCA’s unique scholarship program. This is not tax deductible. The link is:

Contact Pastor Charlie Hubbard at 407-313-7222 Ext. #1, or e-mail him at, for more information about PCCA.You have an opportunity to take part in the extraordinary work that God is already doing in urban Orlando and make an authentic difference in the lives of these inner-city children. We are inviting you to join us in what God is doing at Pine Castle Christian Academy, a place of profound education, life-changing redemption, and powerful discipling of the next generation of urban Americans.